En España, al que madruga...

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Jaramillo dijo...

Sos un enfermo. ¿El gallo está parado encima de la Copa del Mundo?

El Pastor dijo...

exacto. supongo que se refiere a la victoria francesa durante el último mundial, sobre la furia. es muy buena...

Professor Howdy dijo...

All of us, at one time or another,
have experienced the strange
physiological reaction of zygomatic
stimulation and subsequent larynx

This strain upsets the respiratory
system, which results in deep,
noisy gasps. The mouth opens
and closes as the lungs struggle
for oxygen.

The struggle for oxygen causes
the face to turn various shades
of red and strange, unique noises
emerge from deep within.

What is this strange, physiological
reaction I am describing? It is

We normally associate laughter with
humor. But, gelotology, the study of
laughter, suggests another trigger for
laughter called the incongruity theory.

This theory suggests that laughter
arises when logic and familiarity are
replaced by things that don't normally
go together--when we expect one
outcome and another happens.

Generally speaking, our minds and
bodies anticipate what's going to
happen and how it's going to end
based on logical thought, emotion,
and our past experience. But, when
circumstances go in unexpected
directions, our thoughts and emotions
suddenly have to switch gears and
laughter emerges out of the tension
between what we expect--and what
actually happens.

This phenomenon is what you will
encounter at 'Thought & Humor's
with well over 1 million hits...

Anónimo dijo...

Para mi que el gallo penso: si despacito y con saliba el elefante se la pone al hormiga... ni hablar el quilombo que hace un gallo machazo con un toro mariconazo! Y OLE!

Anónimo dijo...

putito mediocre, ¿necesitás ayuda para escribir?

El Pastor dijo...

Necesito ayuda para todo, anónimo. Para ser puto. Para ser mediocre. Saludos!

Jaramillo dijo...

ufff... cómo viene La Docta papáaaaa... te necesitamos en NQN para neutralizar al enemigo comunista. El blog la rompe, pero no te cuelgues y subite un cuentito para las chichis como el anónimo de más arriba.